Nicol’s Beautique Salon Newsletter February 2018

……Love is in the air!

So here we are in the month of love with Valentine’s Day just a couple of weeks away. In this day and age, the gift of time, relaxation and pampering will really show your special someone just how much you love them…and if you join them too – well, it’s a win win situation! And if Valentine’s Day isn’t for you, why not spoil yourself anyway? You do deserve it after all! Have a great month. We love you all.
Nicol and the team





Looking for something special this Valentine’s Day?
Why not plan ahead this year and book your loved one the perfect treat this Valentine’s Day – a treat that you can enjoy together! We’ve come up with a gorgeous package, perfect to say, “I love you!” So take a look at our not to be missed specials this month.

We thought you should get to know a little more about our team at Nicol’s Beautique, so here are a few fun facts about Kasai as she is the newest therapist to the team.
Birthday month – December
Ideal holiday place – Maldives
Favourite takeaway – Indian
Celebrity date – Enrique Iglesias
Favourite animal – Dog
Star sign – Capricorn
Favourite season – Summer

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CACI Advanced Non-Surgical Facial introductory special “New year, New you”

Don’t just give your body the work out. Our skin is the body’s biggest organ and often neglected. As we age we should be looking after this organ to keep it in optimum condition and keep us looking younger than our birth age.

Have you thought about a Caci treatment?
This electrical facial delivers tiny microcurrents to the facial muscles, exercising the muscles just like taking your face for a workout at the gym. Microcurrent impulses will lift and tone the facial muscles and neck area, whilst improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This gives a more youthful, fresh appearance and glow.This in turn improves skin tone, texture, lines and wrinkles. It also lifts the jowls and the eye area.

Would you like to find out more? Then come in and try it for yourself.  We are offering a demonstration on half of your face for free so you can see for yourself
the difference and should you wish for the other half to be treated, we will do the other half of your face for only £20.
Book your demo today and see for yourself!!!
BONUS: For the first 5 customers that purchase a course we are giving away a free Caci Hydratone Mask treatment on your last course treatment. Worth £25!

Terms and condition apply.
Demo offer only available to new Caci clients.






Heart of the matter

February is not just about the fluttering of the heart romantically but is also Heart Month both here and across the Atlantic.   The British Heart Foundation have put together a great guide explaining how just 10 minutes can change your life! There’s great advice on how to eat well, exercise well and if you want to cut back on the alcohol or give up smoking – there are excellent downloads specifically for those too!.
Pick up a booklet next time your in the salon.

Tip of the Month:

As you know we LOVE skin care at Nicol’s Beautique.

What Are Peptides & How They Fight The Look Of Wrinkles
Sometimes buzz ingredients in skin care sound like mysterious by-products from a secondary school science experiment. Here’s a question: What are peptides? Now before you pull out your chemistry textbook, we have an easy explanation on these ingredients that are actually naturally occurring.

Here’s your handy cheat sheet on peptides, how they reduces the look of wrinkles and why they work:
What are they?
These naturally-occurring elements are just smaller versions of proteins and, like proteins, they are made out of amino acids .
How do they work?
When we age, we lose collagen (the protein that provides support and elasticity to our skin). When collagen breaks down, it forms peptides that signal the skin to make new collagen. By applying peptides through skin care, we are actually tricking the skin to make more collagen.
Studies on oligopeptides (the type used in Éminence products) have been published in the Journal of Cosmetics, Dermatological Sciences and Applications.
What do they do to your skin?
In stimulating collagen production, peptides promote a more elastic and supple look to skin and increase the youthful appearance of complexion.
How to use them: 
Citrus Lip Balm

Apply this great-smelling treat for just four weeks and natural peptides will make your lips appear more voluptuous and youthful.





Arctic Berry Peptide Radiance Cream

Eminence Organics Peptide Illuminating Complex uses botanical peptides derived from hibiscus seeds to stimulate collagen production. Enrich your complexion with this powerful moisturiser and uncover skin that looks firmer and plumped as well as improved in the appearance of wrinkles


Eminence Skin care collection available at Nicol’s Beautique.