Gelish FAQs

Gelish FAQs

Does Gelish weaken or damage your nails?

Gelish should not damage your nails when applied and removed properly. It provides extra strength and protection whilst on your nails. The key is proper removal of Gelish using a soak off technique. If you no longer want your Gelish on that some back into the salon to have it soaked off and refrain from picking it off as this is what will damage your nails.

How long will my Gelish manicure last?

Gel polish usually lasts 2-3 weeks. However, this can depend on the condition your nail, (if your nails are very soft, flaky, dry, had previous damage, then you may not hold a gel polish for very long), how you look after your Gelish once applied, (wearing gloves when cleaning or washing up, applying a cuticle oil daily, being careful – remember nails are jewels not tools!) and correct application.

Can I remove my Gelish myself?

Yes, as long as your are using the soak off process. Lightly buffing the nail first, then saturating some cotton wool in Gelish Soak off solution and place onto the nail, then wrap in foil and wait for 5-10 mins. When you remove your foil wrap, the gel polish should appear flaky which you can gently push off the nail with an orange stick. Lightly buff the nail and apply cuticle oil. A soak off kit can be purchased in salon.