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S P R I N G - F E V E R - T R E A T M E N T S !

We're coming into the season of renewal and rejuvenation, so let us help put a Spring into your step so you can jump into April feeling fantastic!

Treatment offer of the month

Choco Back Treatment (special offer)

A warm Chocolate paraffin wax back treatment. To exfoliate, hydrate and rejuvenate that neglected back area. Including an indulgent Back Massage. Truly irresistible. Special price Only - £30 

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 Choco Back Treatment - Special offer price  Book Here

Treatment offer of the month

Choco Chick Facial (special offer)

Cleanse & exfoliation to revitalise, antioxidant rich complexion boosting Choco mask provides deep hydration leaving your skin looking smooth & refreshed. Also includes a nourishing hand treatment.  Special price Only - £30

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 Chcoc Chick Facial - Special offer price  Book Here


HD Brows Special offer

April Special offer price with Rachel only £25 normally £35

A totally new definition in eyebrow shaping. Using a 7 step procedure in one appointment, including a variety of depilation techniques, HD Brows create the ultimate high definiteion brow. The 7 steps include: Preparation & Assessment, Tinting, Trimming, Waxing, Threading, Tweezing, Finish.

*an allergy patch test required 48 hours before treatment. 

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New Offer Coming 1st May 2018

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